The pages of this deck come from a show that was being
developed as a 60 Minutes style program for emerging
technology. It was meant to explore what the future might
hold in a fun and uplifting way.

This deck was for a show that focused on a vibrant latin dance
studio and its members. We follow as they participate in different
competitions and find the family that arrises from spending
so much time with each other, through good times and bad.

This travel show shined a light on all the ways that
humans have created to get them from point A to point B.
Do people prefer luxury or convenience? How did we
travel in the past? How will we travel in the future?

The show American Gladiators has been around for
over 30 years, and has had many iterations across
many different countries. This deck explored a different
take with a modern Ninja Warrior feel to it.