After many seasons doing maps for the US version of
Survivor, maps became sort of a speciality of mine.
I have made maps in a variety of styles, terrains and locations
for a wide assortment of pitches, shows and companies.

The Great Escape aired on TNT and was a competition show about
teams escaping from different places each episode. Detailed
instructions on what was needed and how to escape were printed
on the map they were given at the start of each escape attempt.

Bible Rules was a History Channel show where historians revealed
different interpretations of various Bible verses. It also discussed the
geopolitical turmoil from which some verses originated. These maps
were featured heavily in both the opening and B-roll of the show.

Maps were an essential part of Spy Games, whether they be part of
the mission briefing or part of a challenge to help contestants navigate
through a facility. The first challenge map was one of the first things
I worked on and helped define the document style of the show.