This was for a client who wanted a picture of his friend
as a dark Jedi from Star Wars, or ‘Sith’ as they’re called.
It was a lot of fun doing a deep dive into the aesthetic
and the kinds of outfits they might wear.

This map was made for a longtime fan and resident of Boston Massachusetts.
I discovered an aged, worn and fraying map in the Library of Congress archives and
went about digitally restoring it. I added a quote about Boston I found endearing,
and utilized handwriting samples of longtime Boston resident Alexander Graham Bell.

This photo was for a client that was having a 1940’s era party where
there were some gambling games for charity happening. They thought
that Rick’s Cafe from Casablanca and Humphrey Bogart as a blackjack
dealer would be a great image for promoting it.

It’s unfortunate that with some photo editing, you’ll never notice how much work
was put into it, because it looks like so normal. The client had several pictures
taken for their ‘Save the Date’ announcement but none of them were 100% perfect,
so it was my job to ‘Frankenstein’ them together to make the ideal picture.