This show, which sees the host, Luke Wilson, monitor and recount 911 calls
and their resolutions, needed a central "Control Center" for him to inhabit.
This design was meant to combine a "cozy basement" aesthetic with a
"vintage communications bunker" feel. In the end, they skewed more into the latter.

This season of Australian Survivor was meant to have a Papua New Guinea
aesthetic, with lots of masks and tribal patterns. Unfortunately,
the season, which was to film in Fiji, was cancelled due to the pandemic
and later filmed in Australia in 2021 with a new theme and look.

This season originally started with more of a celtic warrior theme,
with swords and spears littered around, and a stonehenge-like
structure surrounding set. In the end, they kept some of the warrior
elements, but went with the Survivor tried and true overgrown jungle look.

In this spy themed reality competition, a contestant's final fate is
determined by assessors, at something akin to a CIA "black site"
or an off-the-books, mobile command post. This particular one
was in a spacious warehouse, complete with interrogation mood lighting.